Whiskey Infinite Bottle – Basics

My interpretation of an infinite bottle and how it works.

The idea of collecting whiskeys is very appealing, but space is an issue and I’m not knowledgeable enough to know what bottles to collect. When I discovered what an infinite bottle was, it became the perfect solution to my problem with a few added perks that resonated with me.

So what is it?

To put it simply: an infinite bottle is a bottle of liquor (typically) that contains a little bit of many other liquors over time. It’s basically a customized blend of alcohol that you control. This could sound appealing or appalling pending on your experience with mixing liquors, especially if you’ve been to parties where the last bit of all the liquor is mixed together and passed around.

There are many ways to develop this bottle. Some only use high end scotches or whiskeys, keeping a bottle for different regions or similar flavor profiles. Others put anything and everything in it with the only rules being light or dark. For myself, I like the idea of sticking to whiskeys that won’t ruin the bottle’s progression, basically excluding scotches and flavored whiskeys. The rules are yours to make as there really aren’t any rules outside of those you make.

The idea is that the bottle is truly unique and can (probably) never be replicated. Even the storage of the bottle can impact the flavors. You are developing a blend that is unique to your own taste and experimentation. It is common to keep track of what is added, when it’s added, how much, and any other notes you have. It becomes a sort of drinking journal that is slowly developing something new and unique to you. Instead of doing this on paper, I’ve chosen here to use as a journal. Over time it will become more developed and I hope to reflect more on it.

You may add something to it that changes the bottle completely, for better or for worse. But never discard it. As time and other additions continue, the value of the bottle becomes priceless. It’s something to bring out for special occasions and even pass on to other family members. But the main rule is to never consume the whole bottle. As long as you keep a balance of tasting and adding, the bottle will never run dry, hence the name infinite bottle

I guess I should add a disclaimer here to always drink responsibly.

Sharing is caring

Like with most things in life, I enjoy sharing thoughts, food and alcohol with friends and family. I’m from Louisiana, it’s basically a sin not to. So when it came to whiskey, I found that it’s not as easily shareable as beer in most situations. It’s more of a selfish drink for me unless we have guests over that are interested in it. Most are interested in beers I have over whiskeys which is fine.

But developing this bottle opens up the idea of sharing it with family and friends, especially on special occasions. This isn’t something you take out for shots. It’s something to sample and reflect on, knowing that the time it’s shared and tasted it can be completely different. You can use the journal to jot down who tasted it and when it was tasted along with anything else for the event. It becomes something special.

For myself, I can’t collect whiskey right now. I don’t have the space for it nor do I have the need to keep multiple bottles just to open and drink and drink overtime as I don’t have the funds to “collect” them. I usually keep one or two bottle max. The infinite bottle lets me keep a piece of each bottle and also develop a story that can be shared later on in life.

So instead of using a paper journal, I’m going to document my infinite bottles here. If I ever get rid of my website I’ll be able to keep a copy of it or transfer it elsewhere. And for anyone reading, you’ll get to see how it transforms. Maybe it’ll inspire you to start your own infinite bottle and savor it for years to come.

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