Updating My Infinite Bottle

Updated my infinite bottle from a used whiskey bottle to something special.

My lovely wife must have noticed my distaste for the used Rebel Yell bottle I originally had my infinite concoction in, so she gave me a Christmas present to take it to the next level.

When I decided to start my infinite bottle, it was at a moment’s notice. I had just enough at the bottom of two bottles of whiskey which was rare here. So I took the nicer of the two and poured the second whiskey in it and boom, the start of my bottle. That’s about the time I started documenting here on my blog and the journey will continue.

But if was going to put so much effort in caring for and tracking the contents of the bottle, I knew that one day I was going to want to upgrade the bottle into something that was pleasing to the eyes. I don’t really have a nice display spot in my home at the moment so on top of the fridge will have to do for now. It was safe there for the moment.

My wife then surprised me with this globe bottle on a stand with the world etched into it. It’s very fitting for a bottle that may one day have whiskeys from around the world. It feels delicate so special will need to be taken to ensure it doesn’t shatter, but for me it’s an awesome vessel and I hope it’s around for years to come. It even came with a funnel to assist with getting the whiskey in there which is a nice touch.

The one concern I had was a tight seal needed to preserve the whiskey. The cork cap from the Rebel Yell bottle was okay but I wasn’t confident that it would continue to be air tight as time continued. The globe vessel has a rubber stopper and if starts to look like its deteriorating I can also replace it with another.

So I can officially say goodbye to the second hand bottle I started with and move forward with a bottle that really displays what the infinite bottle represents.

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