Right Now

Here is a place on my site dedicated to what I’m up to right now in life.

Still settling in to my new position as a Systems Analyst. I’m getting more comfortable but there is no lack of work to be done. Currently I’m planning on a small home computer lab to learn (and break) some of the same technologies we use at work. This should provide me valuable experience with the systems I need to troubleshoot and improve.

I started putting some focus on my physical health. Each day I’m either walking for 2 miles or using the Total Gym just to start the process of changing my bad habits. This new job has me sitting a lot more than my previous job which I know is not good for my overall health so before it impacts me negatively, I want to get ahead of the issue.

I’ve been playing bass fairly regularly which is motivating me to purchase a new amp. The 30 watt Hartke has served me well since high school and I feel it’s time to get something more updated and start improving on my tone and technique.

I learned about this idea from Derek Sivers and you can too at

https://sivers.org/nowff and nownownow.com

Last updated on March 3, 2021.